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With ALFA Business IT solutions, we can make it easier for you to conduct your everyday business operations without needing to worry about the monitoring, management, and security of your network. From IT management and network monitoring to cyber security, backups, and server migration, we cover it all.
With custom solutions tailored to each business’s individual needs, we can help you achieve your goals, whether that be to increase efficiency, save on costs, or boost productivity. Our highly experienced and certified IT professionals can take care of all of your IT needs so you can stress less and focus on other areas of your business

Expert Around-the-Clock IT Management

When you choose ALFA Business, you get unlimited direct access to our highly experienced expert engineers & technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Outsourcing your IT management needs to ALFA Business will improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, increase worker productivity, and minimize risk. As a result, you'll improve the customer experience with a more productive and efficient business.

Whether you need an entirely new team of IT experts or are looking to supplement your current overburdened IT department, we can help with all of your IT management needs for one flat rate. We won’t charge you based on how often you need assistance.
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Network Monitoring

All businesses want smooth operations with their network to avoid network failures. Outages can cost a business a lot of time and money and without the proper resources to diagnose and correct the issue, the higher the cost.

A domino effect then begins to happen in which the longer a time takes to fix, the more money is being wasted which reduces employee productivity and inhibits the user experience. Our network management services will help you improve your business’ performance, security, and reliability. ALFA Business keeps your network up and running smoothly, free of hiccups.

Stay ahead of outages, fix issues with your network quickly, and identify security threats. With the use of over 200 sensor types which gives us full access to your network, we can continuously monitor any changes that occur in your network as well as bandwidth usage to determine who is accessing your network.

Our expert team routinely scans your network to look for system failures and other irregularities. With full access to your network, we can anticipate and alert you of network issues before they occur, generate reports, and develop solutions. We can help you be proactive rather than reactive.

Cyber Security

Smaller businesses are even more vulnerable to cyberattacks than successful large corporations which attackers know have the budget for highly secure network protocols. Smaller-scale businesses, however, often don’t have the budget for considerable security protection or mistakenly believe they won’t need it.

This blind trust that nothing will happen to the smaller fish in the pond can cost your business thousands of dollars and irreparable damage to your reputation and consumer trust. Protect your network from viruses, data breaches, malicious content, and spyware with ALFA Business network and email security.

We'll protect your network and your data from breaches to protect your business, employees, and your customers from potential threats. Viruses can slow down your network and spam can collect in folders, resulting in disorganization.

Our services can protect your business with:

  • Anti-virus firewalls
  • Anti-spyware
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Content filtering & spam removal
  • Capture ATP blocks zero-day attacks
    at the gateway

Backup & Data Validation

The last thing a business needs to worry about is losing or deleting important files, never to be seen again. At ALFA Business you can retrieve and restore lost data with server backups that store your data for up to a month and enable Windows users to access previous versions of files for up to 3 months.

Best of all, your backed-up and restored files can be accessed on any device. We guard your data with top-level security with data encryption at our highly secure data centers which are guarded around the clock.

Our data centers protect your data with highly restricted biometric scanners for identity verification, 24/7 security, restricted access to servers, and an uninterrupted power supply. A proper backup is critical to ensuring you don’t run into data loss when migrating data between servers.

Server Migration

When businesses attempt to migrate data themselves, it often results in data loss or data inaccessibility. Leave it to the experts to move data between servers with ease. Data migration is typically performed to optimize your server's security or when equipment needs to be replaced.

We've streamlined the process to make data migration from physical, virtual, or cloud workload incredibly simple. Migrate data over any distance nearly instantly and eliminate downtime. With ALFA Migrate, we've created an easy-to-use automated process that boils the process into a few simple steps for repeatable success
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