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Benefits Of Hiring Document Shredding Services

As a business owner, you certainly know just how much paperwork is generated in the regular course of a business day. Unfortunately, all of this paper accumulates over time and presents a challenge not only in how to store all of this excess paperwork but also in how to dispose of the paperwork and files that you no longer need in a manner that is both efficient and secure. 

The answer to effective document management and disposal lies in document shredding and storage services. Let's look at the top ways that document shredding services can benefit your business.

Protect Employee & Client Privacy

Hiring a professional document shredding service to handle the destruction and disposal of sensitive documents ensures that the private data of clients and staff stays private. By taking responsibility for document storage, destruction, and disposal out of the hands of employees and placing it in the hands of a team of qualified professionals, you can reduce or eliminate the potential for confidential or sensitive information being viewed or used in an unauthorized manner. 

Protect The Environment

Protecting the environment for future generations has become a top concern for companies and customers alike. You can do your part to help protect the environment by implementing green document management and disposal practices. 

Many document shredding services participate in paper recycling programs to help recycle and reuse the securely shredded documents for new environmentally-friendly purposes.

You can further reduce your company's impact on the environment by taking advantage of the ALFA suite of small business solutions, including document management and IT solutions specifically designed to help your company reduce its reliance on paper-based documents through the implementation of a company wide software-based document management system

Protect The Company

It seems like we learn about a new cyber security threat to company security almost daily. It is certainly a top-level priority to keep your business's digital environment up to date with the latest IT troubleshooting and security techniques and services to keep your company's confidential data away from bad actors. 

It is equally important to ensure that bad actors are not able to gain access to confidential or sensitive company business data, trade secrets, strategies, systems, and plans by gaining unauthorized access to paper-based business documents and files. 

As with the protection of staff and client privacy, the security of important company secrets can be best protected by employing the services of professional document management and document shredding service. 

Many document shredding services will provide you with a certificate of destruction, which serves as an additional layer of legal protection, proving that your company has taken the proper safeguards to protect information from unauthorized use. This can be an important factor in proving the data in question was entitled to legal protection should you ever need to file a lawsuit over inappropriate use or disclosure of company secrets.

Preserve Valuable Storage Space

Real estate is at a premium these days, and that means that it is vital to your bottom line that you make every square foot of floor space count. When you have boxes upon boxes of stored documents taking up valuable square footage that could be used for more productive purposes, that can take a big chunk out of your potential profit margins. 

There are also safety hazards to consider when storing mass amounts of paper documents. The paper acts as a source of highly-flammable fuel should a fire break out. Paper also traps allergy triggering dust and invites insects into your workspace. 

All of these concerns can be easily remedied by hiring a document shredding service to clear the paper clutter out of your business space so you can use that extra square footage for bigger and better things while providing your staff with a cleaner and safer work environment at the same time. 

Reduce Employee Workload

As we touched on earlier in the article, taking responsibility for document management and document disposal out of the hands of your employees and placing it in the hands of a professional document shredding service, you can greatly reduce the risk of sensitive documents being viewed or used in an inappropriate and potentially illegal manner. 

However, there are additional benefits to be found in utilizing a third-party document shredding service for document management and disposal tasks. By removing this time-consuming and labor-intensive task from your employee's list of responsibilities, you can dramatically reduce the employee workload and free up your employees to perform more productive work that makes better use of their skills and knowledge. When you are able to allow your employees to perform more stimulating and rewarding work, you are rewarded with more satisfied and loyal workers and a more productive and cost-effective work environment overall. 

Shifting the responsibility for document management and document disposal over to a third-party document shredding service is clearly a win-win situation for your employees, as well as for the company. 

Cut Costs

Hiring professional third-party document management and document shredding service can help save your company a significant amount. Here are just a few of the areas where your company can recognize significant cost savings by implementing a software-based document management program coupled with professional document storage and document shredding services. 

Real Estate, Lease, & Storage Rental Costs

As mentioned above, square footage comes with a premium price tag attached. This is true whether you are purchasing a space, leasing a building, or renting a storage unit in a secure facility. Every square foot of real estate that is occupied by stored paper documents and files is costing you and your company money. 

By hiring document management and document shredding service to dispose of unnecessary stored paper documents and files, you can free up that expensive floor space to be used for a purpose that generates money for your business rather than extracting it. You can also help to reduce overall costs by eliminating the rental and leasing fees that your company currently spends on document storage space. 

Labor Costs

Skilled labor comes at a high cost, so it makes good business sense to strive to gain as much productive benefit from your skilled labor dollars as possible. Because you are paying for your employee's skills and knowledge regardless of the tasks that you have them performing throughout the day, it only follows that you should have them performing high-value tasks that utilize the skills and knowledge that you are paying for as much as possible. 

Shifting the responsibility for the time-consuming task of document management and document disposal off the shoulders of your skilled employees ensures that you are getting the greatest value for your labor dollars. You may find that you require fewer employees or that you are able to better utilize your existing employee's skills and knowledge for tasks that generate more profit for the company as a whole and more satisfaction for your employees.

More job satisfaction for your employees and the need for fewer employees to meet company productivity goals mean less employee turnover and reduced labor costs for your company.

Supply & Equipment Maintenance Costs

By switching from your company's current paper-based document and file management practices to a paperless, software-based document management system coupled with professional document shredding services, you can drastically reduce the cost of the supplies and equipment needed to keep your business operating. 

ALFA's advanced software-based document management system allows administrators and users to track, send, receive, edit, and view documents digitally rather than relying on paper-based documents and files which must be printed, copied, and stored. 

What's more, when hard copy documents are required, the advanced document management system is able to analyze the type of document quality and printing quantity requested and automatically route the printing job to the most effective printing equipment for the task. This automated print tracking and routing capability allow administrators to track and eliminate wasteful printing practices and ensure that printing jobs are executed using the most cost-effective paper, ink, and equipment for the task at hand. 

By tracking and re-routing expensive printing jobs to more cost-effective equipment, companies can recognize substantial savings in material resources and equipment maintenance, repair, and replacement costs over time. 

Companies that make use of document shredding services will save on the cost of purchasing, maintaining, repairing, and replacing expensive, secure document storage containers, shelving, and file cabinets to store the documents currently in use, and commercial grade document shredding equipment needed to securely shred large quantities of documents and files.

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