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Document Storage and Shredding

Document Storage

The ALFA Business Document Storage Service can be adapted to fit any Company’s record management needs. Our Content Solutions Specialist will work with you to identify best practices for your specific industry.

Benefits of using ALFA’s Document Storage Solutions:

Secured and organized archiving
Storage compliancy to protect your information
Low-cost real estate solution to house your information

Document Shredding

At ALFA Business we provide a secure, efficient and cost-effective service for destroying your documents and data. We provide on-site shredding and/or secure containers to allow your staff to easily deposit your important information. No more vulnerable shredding banker boxes under desks or in areas with unrestricted access. ALFA Business is always flexible to meet the largest and smallest needs, and a Certificate of Destruction is always provided. Our service covers all industries including yours. Contact us today for more information. Let ALFA Business go to work for you!

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