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Document Management Software

Going paperless? The first mention of a paperless office occurred in 1975 in a Business Week article. The idea was that through business automation paper would become redundant and unnecessary in the modern office. While we have made strides towards this new way of doing business, we still have a long way to go.

Document Management Software

Document Management software is the realization of that prophecy. It is a software that is used to receive, track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. It allows an organization to have better control over their information and how it moves throughout their company. Our software also allows our customers to improve the security of their documents by giving them real time data on who has opened, manipulated, or downloaded their files. This way nobody has access to files that they shouldn’t or can leave with your sensitive information without some sort of tracking and accountability.

Workflow Automation

A workflow in a business is how information is processed and routed in order to accomplish a task. This can be from processing invoices in an AP/AR department to approving a new job applicant and processing their new hire packet in HR.

Decision makers define rules on how business processes are handled in the company and assign tasks (and define substitutes in case an employee is not available). Workflow management also specifies which processes start a workflow; for example, storing an incoming invoice or other document. A workflow management system helps in planning, managing and monitoring workflows. The workflow management system provides tools and designers for workflows and can also monitor the corresponding workflows.

Is Your Company Ready To Go Paperless?

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