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Document Management

Who's Managing your Documents?

Documents are an integral component of many businesses. Paper is still found in most offices, and many people feel they do better work on paper than using a screen. Even though technology is advancing quickly, papers, soft copies, physical forms, and other documents still take up space and eat up resources. Document management services from ALFA Business Inc. will help you take control by providing safe and secure document management, allowing your business to become more efficient at reducing operating costs.

Save Space, Save Time, Save Money

Document management services help your company save money while working more efficiently. ALFA Business offers a range of solutions, including document software, scanning, collaborative file sharing, searchable PDF creation, data capture, content management, automation, physical file storage, shredding, and more. These services streamline your workflow, allowing your entire team to be more productive and efficient. You'll save money, reduce costs, and free up valuable resources with ALFA Business Inc.

Industry Compliance Experts

Most industries face reporting or retention mandates that require soft copies. Knowing what to keep and how long to keep it requires some experience and expertise. Your business doesn't need to be buried in documents because of complicated requirements. Let ALFA Business Inc. be your compliance experts.

Invest In Document Management

Your company uses documents every day. Physical papers may contain vital information, but because they're inefficient, they also slow you down. Optimize your performance with document management solutions from ALFA Business Inc. Our tools let you share information, reduce clutter, improve collaboration, and generally upgrade your workflow. Contact ALFA Business Inc. to learn more about our managed document services today.

Document Management Software

ALFA Business offers state-of-the-art document management software that will streamline your entire operation. We designed this platform to receive, track, manage, and store documents. Your team can scan paper documents and upload digital files to the system. Everyone can access the information they need whenever they need it. Our digital document tools help your entire organization get to work whether they're in the office, at home, or on the go.

With this tool, your organization also gains better control over your valuable information. You can easily track who opens, edits, and downloads files. Team members have access to files they need to do their job without stumbling upon sensitive information. Secure digital controls also prevent sabotage, hacking, and theft attempts.

Reduce Your Costs With Document Management Software

The many benefits of Document Management Software:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Seamless project collaboration
  • No lost time searching for information
  • Purge duplicate files
  • Improve decision-making with additional insights
  • Faster document routing
  • Shorter cycle-times
  • Reduced errors and delays
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Less printing and copying
  • Reduce postage, stationery, and mailing costs
  • Regain floor space from cabinets and shelves
  • Decrease filing and shredding fees
  • Pass audits faster and cheaper

Content Management, Storage, and Retrieval

Storage and retrieval options are an important part of your document management strategy. ALFA Business offers robust content management solutions that allow you to easily store, monitor, maintain, and use your information. Users can instantly search and retrieve data thanks to thorough metadata performance.

Our content management tools help you organize and secure your data. Your team can create folders and subfolders to keep files organized. Security privileges allow your administrators to assign permissions as needed. You can restrict or allow editing and viewing privileges at every level, including site, folder, and document levels. Further protect your files with check-in/out functions, file audits, and other standard file management solutions. If you use other business tools to analyze your data, ALFA Business offers API integration.

Searchable PDFs Using OCR

One huge advantage of digital files is their searchability. Searchable PDFs and editable Microsoft Office files are much more efficient than paper copies when you're finding information. ALFA uses intelligent, intuitive optical character recognition (OCR) tools that create accurate digital files from scanned physical documents.

These scanned files can be instantly searched to find specific names, figures, dates, and other important details. Your team will save valuable time using digital search tools instead of manually flipping pages.

You can also present a more professional appearance using scanned documents. It's easy to remove physical artifacts like hole punches, coffee rings, and doodles when scanning your files. Your documents will always be ready to send a client, thanks to digital document management.

Intelligent Data Capture

Our Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) system uses machine learning to optimize your workflow. This software learns to recognize, classify, extract details, and route incoming documents to the ideal place in your data architecture. Once a file is stored, your team can review, verify, and approve its location. This functionality helps you process large amounts of documents at the same time. You can streamline delivery, invoicing, purchasing, and other paperwork-heavy processes using IDC.

Workflow Automation

Document management provides a powerful upgrade to your existing workflow. By improving productivity, reducing clutter, and uncovering business insights, ALFA Business allows your team to reach new levels of performance. Imagine how much your team could accomplish if they weren't bogged down by files, papers, and documents. Our digital document platform automatically sorts information for your team. Collaboration, efficiency, and performance will improve as these benefits go into effect.

Physical File Solutions

Paper files are still a reality for many businesses. Take a look at your files, shelves, and drawers. If you're like many companies, you may be surrounded by an archive of non-digitized papers. ALFA Business provides document management solutions that let you break free of the filing cabinets.

Document Storage

You may have physical documents that you need to keep in their original format. Some industry regulations require physical document retention for a certain number of years. You may face these requirements for financial, human resources, and other sensitive information. However, there's no need to let these files take over your workplace. ALFA Business offers secure, off-site document storage. You can fulfill your retention requirements while freeing up space and making the most of your limited office footprint.

Document Shredding

Industrial shredding is the best solution for unwanted or redundant files. Once you scan a physical paper into your document management system, you don't need to keep it cluttering up the office. Instead, put it aside for shredding. ALFA Business provides on-site and off-site shredding solutions to dispose of your unwanted papers. Either option is easy, convenient, and more efficient than destroying documents by hand. Industrial shredding also generates recyclable materials that can reduce your carbon footprint.

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