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Server Migration

The potential for downtime and data loss prevents many organizations from undertaking data migrations. ALFA’s Migrate Solution quickly and easily migrates physical, virtual and cloud workloads over any distance with minimal risk and near zero downtime. The streamlined process automates and consolidates numerous steps, which are otherwise manual and prone to human error, into just a few simple tasks, reducing the amount of work you need to do to reach your migration goals.

No Downtime, No Surprises

ALFA Migrate replicates the source system to the target, using AES 256-bit encryption to ensure security. Test cutovers can be performed anytime without impacting production systems. End users can continue working on the source system until the final cutover. The actual cutover takes just seconds or minutes.

Repeatable Success

The simplicity and repeatability of ALFA Migrate enables IT to switch platforms – including to, from, and between public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud – without impacting system availability.

Key Features of ALFA Migrate:

Migrate data and systems to, from, or between any combination of physical, virtual, and cloud-based platforms
Easy-to-use console automates and orchestrates migration configuration and management
Scalable continuous replication with minimal performance or bandwidth impact
Offers freedom from lock-in to any specific hypervisor, cloud vendor or hardware
AES 256-bit encryption
Comprehensive SDK for integration, automation and orchestration

Need Your Server Migrated, But Can't Afford Any Down Time?

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