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How To Choose The Best IT Business Solutions

There is no escaping technology's critical role in the modern business world regardless of industry. With global IT expenditures expected to reach $4.5 trillion in 2022, it is clear that IT is an integral cog in the business machinery. 

While business owners are knowledgeable in their chosen industry, they are not often experts in IT maintenance, management, or troubleshooting. That is where a professional IT service provider can help provide all of the IT small business solutions your business needs.

Managed IT Service

Today's businesses require IT solutions with flexibility and rock-solid dependability. When choosing managed IT services for your company, it is important to realize that a one size fits all solution may not offer the best solution for your company.

Look for a Managed IT solution that can provide all of the services that your business needs. It is essential to know whether IT services will be delivered using a third-party data center or managed using your company's equipment. Some professional IT service providers, such as ALFA Business, can customize a hybrid solution to your unique business needs.

 A custom solution allows you to custom tailor your IT management needs by providing in-house IT support using the equipment you have located at your business site and supplementing those IT services with the use of an off-site data center where needed.  

Whether you choose an off-site data center solution, an onsite managed solution, or a hybrid combination of both, it is crucial that you have access to IT management and IT troubleshooting whenever the need arises.  

Look for a managed IT service that can provide monitoring, management, and troubleshooting services for your business network 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. By providing round-the-clock services, a managed IT solution can help to either supplement your existing internal IT service team or offer an all-inclusive IT management system.  


Damage resulting from cybercrime will cost businesses an estimated $6 trillion in 2021. As a result, the need for a solid cybersecurity management solution has never been greater than it is today. A single data breach can cost a company significantly in terms of loss of data, productivity, downtime, and customer trust. 

A professional IT solutions provider, like ALFA Business, can keep your company safe and secure by providing a comprehensive cybersecurity system including: 

Cyberthreat Education & Training:

Ongoing staff training ensures that every member of your organization, from the front office staff to the sales team, top management, and beyond is always aware of the latest cyber threats and the techniques and tools needed to fend them off. 

Network Security:

Network security monitoring and management services are capable of catching and stopping a cyber-attack before it can compromise your data or slow or shut down the network systems your business needs to keep running.

ALFA Business offers the following advanced network security services to protect your business from existing and future cyber threats.

  • ALFA's Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS) utilizes a full suite of security software and firewalls to protect your business network from unwanted intruders. These gateway protection services provide real-time protection using the latest application intelligence, anti-spyware, anti-virus, and intrusion prevention systems.
  • ALFA's Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) services make use of cloud-based sandboxing and automatic remediation to help guard your network against zero-day attacks from unknown cyber threats
  • ALFA's content filtering service works to control access to unproductive, harmful, or potentially illegal web content that could damage your network and your bottom line

Email Security

As cyber security solutions evolve to protect businesses from bad actors, cyber threats inevitably evolve as well. Today, cybercriminals look to evade advanced cyber security technology by using social engineering to access your network and data. 

Social engineering involves using deception or manipulation to trick staff into granting access allowing cybercriminals to bypass the cyber security safeguards in place. 

Because Email and message systems are a major area of vulnerability for most companies when it comes to social engineering campaigns, your IT solutions must provide some form of Email security to help prevent these insidious and clever cyber attacks. 

A comprehensive email security service will help protect your business data and network against cyber threats and social engineering exploits by working to: 

  • Stop and remove unwanted junk mail and spam at the gateway before it ever has a chance to reach your company inboxes
  • Guard your staff and business against email fraud and targeted phishing attacks
  • Provide the latest up to the minute security protocols and real-time threat intelligence
  • Control business costs by using a scalable solution deployed only where and when needed

Document Management Services

While the business world has become increasingly digital and less dependent on paper documents, most businesses still need to find some way of safely and efficiently managing the essential hard copy documents and information vital to their business operation. 

Any IT business solution provider must offer secure and reliable document management services. 

Document Management Software

Document management software programs help cut business costs and increase data security by reducing unnecessary paperwork. This is accomplished through the use of advanced software systems which receive, track, manage, disseminate, and store information and documents. 

A comprehensive document management software system can exponentially increase the security of company information by allowing administrators to grant and revoke access to various documents and folders and monitor and record when a particular document was accessed and or changed and by whom.  

In addition to the improvements in productivity and security, document management software can also help cut business costs by allowing administrators to see when and where documents are being printed and implement controls and rules to eliminate wasteful or redundant printing. Printing tasks may also be automatically routed to the appropriate printers to prevent the excessive use of expensive inks and papers when not needed.  

Document Shredding & Storage

Even with an advanced document management software program, most businesses will still need to store, manage, and safely dispose of hard copy documents. Secure your company's vital data by choosing an IT solution provider that offers secure document shredding and storage services.

Document shredding services benefit not only your business but your customers and society as a whole in several important areas. 

Environmental Protection

Document shredding service providers generally recycle the shredded documents helping to protect the environment for future generations. As an added bonus, your company will enjoy the added public relations boost that comes from implementing a proactive green solution to document management.


Document shredding services help to free up your staff to perform the more skilled tasks that they were hired to do. By taking responsibility for document destruction off the shoulders of your staff, you can increase company productivity where it matters and help cut costs and improve your bottom line.


Document shredding services help protect data security by offering a secure document shredding solution and a certificate of destruction. By eliminating the number of employees with access to documents, your business can reduce the potential for intentional and unintentional mishandling.


With the rapid shift from an on-location work environment to remote offices, work from home solutions, and independent contract services, it has become increasingly crucial for businesses to have an organization-wide means of communication that can connect anywhere to help bring together staff, contractors, and customers from all over the globe. 

Because VoIP managed services are routed over the internet, they are able to offer significant advantages over a traditional telephone-based communications system. Choose a VoIP managed service provider who is able to provide the following services. 

Reliable Connectivity

ALFA's VoIP managed services offer built-in redundancy. ALFA communication centers are located all over the globe. Each data center is SSAE 16 audited and designed with automatic failover systems to prevent service disruptions. In addition, the global nature of ALFA communications means that communication can be instantly re-routed to another location in the event of a disaster or other trouble at one location.  


Because VoIP services do not rely on a mobile service provider or landline connection, businesses gain the flexibility to connect and communicate from anywhere in the world. As long as there is an internet connection, your business will be able to plug in and make and receive calls from your business number using only your wifi or hardwired internet connection.

Cost-Effective Communication 

The ability to use an existing internet connection to make and receive phone calls allows businesses to decrease the cost of communication dramatically. A full-featured VoIP system can save as much as 70% over the price of a traditional telephone-based communication system, making it an extremely cost-effective business communication solution. 

If you are interested in learning more about the best IT business solutions for your business, contact ALFA Business Inc. today. We can't wait to show you all of the ways that ALFA business solutions can help your business grow!  

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