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What Solutions Do Small Businesses Need?

Getting a small business off the ground and keeping it up and running is no small feat. Completing the day-to-day tasks required to conduct business often involves a dizzying and complex array of needs, and each one comes with a cost. 

ALFA Business offers an array of small business solutions that help take some of the pressure associated with the daily business operations off of the small business owner and into the hands of an expert team of professionals. 

ALFA Business offers solutions for all of your small business needs, including data processing and document storage, data backup and recovery, office equipment sales, leasing, and rentals, communication solutions, and more.

Keep reading to learn more about the variety of solutions ALFA Business can help lighten the load for your small business.

Document Processing

Even a small business can generate a large number of documents. Processing, sharing, safeguarding, and storing all of those documents can take a significant bite out of your time and budget. ALFA offers several services to help streamline document processing and improve overall efficiency.

Document Shredding And Storage 

ALFA Business Document Storage service is infinitely scalable to adapt to any size record management needs. Our document storage service provides cost-effective, secure document storage through secure archiving, industry-specific document storage compliance, and low-cost storage space.

ALFA Document Shredding services allow businesses to efficiently and securely eliminate unneeded documents that are taking up valuable space and presenting a security risk. Documents may be shredded on-site or by depositing in secure storage boxes for shredding at our facility. ALFA always provides a Certificate of Destruction for verification and confirmation purposes.

Print Tracking

Printing is costly, and expenses from unnecessary and inefficient printing can add up quickly. ALFA Print Tracking software helps to streamline the business printing process and helps to free your small business from the costs associated with wasteful printing practices. Print Tracking provides actionable information about what and how your team is printing and allows you to implement rules to route printing jobs to the correct equipment to reduce costs and eliminate waste. 

Document Management Software

Document management software can help your small business reduce costs and improve efficiency by reducing the reliance on paper-based documents. No more searching for the important information you need, no more duplicating data, document management software will help improve team collaboration, shorten processing times, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Advanced Scanning

Without the correct tools, searching and editing a paper-based document or PDF can be a complicated and often frustrating ordeal. Our optical character recognition (OCR) and advanced scanning services can easily convert any document to a PDF format and make the document accessible for searching, editing, printing, and sharing.

Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) can be programmed to quickly search documents to classify, extract, export, and route data where it needs to go. 

Content Management & Storage

Intelligent content management, storage, and retrieval system allow you and your team to efficiently and securely store documents for quick retrieval. Document metadata is indexed to make searching and retrieving data easy and efficient. Administrators can assign user access and security clearance at the document, folder, or site level.

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